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Catalogue of published Leo Hunter books is now live with two categories - Fiction - Non-Fiction.



This is a general catalogue of published books written by Leo Hunter to date. Published Formats include the Able Limited Editions EXE CD Format, Able Limited Editions DRM Protected EPUB Download Format, and the Kindle Format. General Details of Each Title listed below will indicate the Formats they have been published in and the relevant ISBN. There is a different ISBN for each of the published Formats. That may be a little confusing for online browsers; but is essential here in the UK according to the Law thereby publishing procedures.

Click on the banner below to visit the Able Limited Editions website for details of all available Publication Formats. Or click any provided ISBN links on the Fiction and or Non-Fiction pages of the catalogue if you want to go straight to relevant Able Limited Editions Shop sales pages, or indeed any relevant Amazon Kindle sales page.


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