About the Leo Website

About This Website 

This https://leohunter.co.uk website is effectively an online creative writing home of the Scottish Author and Ghostwriter Leo Hunter. Visitors to the public section will find growing lists of apolitical articles relating to writing and publishing, as well as Featured Articles not necessarily related to writing or publishing. There is also a catalogue of published ebooks written by Leo Hunter. The password-protected private sections are strictly reserved for aspiring writers and authors, as well as Leo Hunter's Ghostwriting Clients. Click on Read More for details.

Public Section :-

The Public Section of this https://leohunter.co.uk website is designed as an apolitical introduction to the Scottish Author and Ghostwriter, Leo Hunter, and misunderstood world of writing and publishing. The Articles published in this Section not classified as being Featured may therefore appear to be void of details, effectively leaving the readers to fill factual gaps through their imaginations relative to their knowledge and or experiences.

There are very good reasons for an apparent lack of those informative details in the highly competitive world of writing and publishing. Certainly in all modern, digitised terms (see DRM v No DRM written by Leo Hunter, for example). But relevant details will be contained in Articles published in the Private Section for aspiring writers and authors who lack apolitical writing and or publishing knowledge and or experiences.


Private Sections :-

There will be three password-protected Private Sections of this https://leohunter.co.uk website. They will each be designed to cater for the specific needs and requirements of aspiring writers and authors, as well as Leo Hunter's Ghostwriting Clients.


Ghostwriting Clients

Ghostwriting Clients will be entitled by right as expressed clearly in their Bespoke Agreement to enter their individually secured Private Section. They will find records of all their required contact details and Leo's contact details in there. They will also find deadline schedules, payment records, a PDF copy of their Bespoke Agreement, and PDF copies of all the essential documents relating to writing and publishing so they know exactly what to expect in the ghostwritten manuscript. There will also be a very secure means of sending digital copies of any relevant documents directly to Leo Hunter during the writing processes until the manuscript is completed.


Aspiring Writers and Authors

Each aspiring writer or author, on the other hand, must be expressly invited by Leo to accept a written offer to enter the Writing and or Publishing Private Section/s. In those two Sections, they will find informative apolitical Articles relating specifically to either Writing or Publishing, depending on the individual needs and requirements of each aspiring writer or author. But a Nominal Fee must be charged per Section to cover costs.

Those two informative Writing and Publishing Sections will not be up and running until April 2021, however. There will therefore be no such offers until then at least.

Privacy and Cookies

Leo Hunter strongly advises that each visitor to this website reads the Privacy and Cookies Policy by clicking on the provided link in this cookie banner before then accepting cookies then browsing this website. Many essential and some non-essential cookies are used for internal but anonymous statistical data for the safety of visitors and Registered Users and the proper operation of this website. Thank you all for your patience going through this legal GDPR compliance process stuff.