Website Usage

Website Usage


  1. Any visitor to and or Registered User of this website found to have in any way whatsoever breached and or attempted to breach and or is attempting to breach any part of the Privacy and Cookies Policy may be suspended and or permanently blocked from entering this website without any further notice whatsoever at the sole discretion of any appointed administrators of this website. In these contexts have a Policy of initiating any civil action against any persons and or individuals in question and or reporting any such person and or individual to policing authorities regarding prosecution.

  2. Any visitor to and or Registered User of this website must not use any part whatsoever of this website in any way whatsoever for any illegal and or unlawful purpose whatsoever. That includes in any illegitimate and or harassing manner whatsoever towards any other visitor and or Registered User and or any Staff and or Admin member.

  3. 1. and 2. above includes by installing and or causing to install any known and or unknown virus and or Trojan and or spyware and or any form of malware and or spambot etc onto any part of this website in any way whatsoever.

  4. 1. and 2. above also includes Piracy. In this context of Piracy, any visitor and or Registered User must not copy and or sell and or distribute and or share in any way whatsoever any downloadable file from this website and or cause any other person whosoever to do so without first obtaining a relevantly written and endorsed Licence from an appointed administrator.

Fair Usage:-

The amount of times any visitor and or Registered User may download any downloadable file that may be available to them may be limited at the sole discretion of . But in any event, apply a strict policy of not accepting any responsibility and or liability whatsoever for any visitor and or Registered User abusing and or misusing and or oversubscribing their respective broadband bandwidth usage allowance in any way whatsoever within their broadband usage accounting period (usually one month) of their broadband service provider.

In the context of fair broadband usage strongly advises any visitor and or Registered User not to even attempt to download too many downloadable files during any one website session and or during any broadband accounting period of their service provider.


Privacy and Cookies

Leo Hunter strongly advises that each visitor to this website reads the Privacy and Cookies Policy by clicking on the provided link in this cookie banner before then accepting cookies then browsing this website. Many essential and some non-essential cookies are used for internal but anonymous statistical data for the safety of visitors and Registered Users and the proper operation of this website. Thank you all for your patience going through this legal GDPR compliance process stuff.