Writing Insights by Leo Hunter




Writing Insights written by the Scottish author Leo Hunter is the first of two exciting books due to be published by Able Limited Editions this year, 2021. It's on schedule to be published on 18th June 2021 in the Able Limited Editions EXE CD Format (only available to UK buyers ISBN 9780957307551), and the Able Limited Editions DRM EPUB Format (available to buyers worldwide ISBN 9780957307568). Click on Read More for details.

Writing Insights by Leo Hunter is an intriguing expose of what may be considered to be the secrets of writing manuscripts as a writer and or author to a high professional standard, with a view of having the manuscripts published in book form by traditional publishers, or through available self-publishing routes. No – it's not yet another fluffy nuts and bolts overview of writing and or publishing. It's a comprehensive 68,000 word guide on most of the contractually implied mechanisms all those nuts and bolts obscure from the view of all aspiring writers and authors, when learning the writing and publishing trades – particularly in the contexts of Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing.

The main Nielsen registered genre is Creative Writing Guide (BIC – CBV).

The registered sub-genre is Writing & Editing Guide (BIC – CBW).

The Main Headings/Themes covering 100 + juicy topics in Writing Insights include :-


  • Writing Rules

  • Writing and the Law (UK)

  • General Writing Security (physical & digital)

  • Journalism

  • Ghostwriting

  • Creative Writing

  • Creative Fiction

  • Submission Rules (including manuscript presentation and digital formatting)

  • Editorial Procedures (including sub-editing & proofreading)

  • Publishing (including Traditional – Self-Publishing Routes – Vanity)

  • Print Book Formatting (novels, autobiographies, biographies, memoirs, etc)

  • eBook Formatting (novels, autobiographies, biographies, memoirs, etc)

  • eBook Compilers

  • Marketing (including emarketing SEO algorithms)


£100 Prize Competition


Leo Hunter has pledged £100 as a cash prize, whereby a lucky number of purchasers of specific copies of Writing Insights, on a strictly first come first served basis in the UK (only through the Able Limited Editions website), may enter a free competition based solely on the contents of the book. Distribution of those specific copies will be random, as they will be packaged, stocked, then distributed in such a way they cannot be identified as being any of those specific copies; until the packaging is then opened by those lucky purchasers on delivery.


Preview and or download the Writing Insights Comp PDF available by clicking on the Downloads menu button of the www.leohunter.co.uk website for all the competition details/rules.


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