Ghostwriting FAQs


Ghostwriting FAQs 

I have been asked hundreds of general questions about ghostwriting over many years. That's unsurprising, given the complexities of law and ambiguity created via what can only be described as unscrupulous salesmanship. Creative ambiguity l have viewed and witnessed serves to confuse all unwitting clients and writers alike before entering any particular contract, then cause unnecessary heartache at some undisclosed; yet predetermined close of business.

To help my Ghostwriting clients through my unambiguous sales process thereby save their time, otherwise unnecessary expense and prevent avoidable heartache, l have answered a list of the most common; but extremely important questions as set below (by clicking on the Read More button) relating directly to hiring any ghostwriter.

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Ghostwriting Terms and Conditions


Part Ghostwriting Terms & Conditions 

Any Ghostwriting Agreement between myself (Leo Hunter) and any of my Ghostwriting Clients will be a Bespoke Ghostwriting Agreement in the contexts that each Agreement will expressly reflect the specific needs and requirements of each Client (see as listed below by clicking on the Read More button).

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Ghostwriting Overview


Ghostwriting Overview

I offer to undertake a private and confidential Ghostwriting Project Service to Ghostwrite fiction and or non-fiction manuscripts here in the UK for private and or business clients. All Ghostwriting Projects l undertake are covered by a very strict non-disclosure clause detailed in all my Bespoke Ghostwriting Agreements. 

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Privacy and Cookies

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