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I'm going to be as brief as possible in summarising my time as an author and ghostwriter since l first started to carve my way into the publishing world during the mid 1980's. That's when l first decided to change careers to enter the world of publishing as a naïve writer.

Naive as l was back then and well into the 1990's, l wrote a 90,000 word manuscript, then sent it off to publishers for consideration; but not entirely surprised it was said to have been rejected by them. However, as l was recruiting an agent (the late Giles Gordon) mid 1990's to then approach publishers on my behalf, l was literally shocked to find that many of my original ideas contained in that manuscript were being used in several television drama programs as their driving themes.

Partly encouraged by what the late Giles Gordon then told me, l then embarked on my university studies to gain an insight into and qualifications involving my main interest of crime causation as l continued to write and conduct research into writing and the publishing world. So l then gained my degree majoring in law and a diploma in criminology and social policy analysis.

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